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CUNZU GUAN-Miao Crown Ring Set (3p/set)

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冠GUAN is our collection inspired by the magnificent crown of Miao people who have the habit of wearing exaggerated and huge horned hair decoration. The silver horns usually stand tall, towering, light and elegant. We hope to preserve and celebrate this tradition by transforming it into rings. The rings are soft textured and are able to be shaped based on your preference. A set of three pieces makes the overall shape more structured, with a sense of superposition.


This group ring is handmade by the artisan Yang from Kaili, Guizhou. 

CUNZU SUI-Hammer Silver Ring with Bell-shaped...

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SUI is the collection of our rings with hanging decorations. This adjustable silver ring is completely handmade by the artisan Yang from Qiandongnan, Guizhou. The hammer pattern is inspired by our cymatics experiment SEE SOUND. We visualized the sound collected in the mountains of SW China and applied it to the design. The body of the ring is slightly curved with smooth hammer patterns. The fine silver gives it a unique texture and silky touch.